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Submission Process

Galaxy Tours is committed to promoting the production of fan-made Star Wars and Indiana Jones screenplay reenactment and franchise-inspired original screenplay videos. The overarching requirement for submitting a video to this repository in either of these two genres is that a portion of the video must include content from at least one franchise-specific film or recce site in Tunisia.

The process to submit a video is simple:

  • Provide the requested information in the form below.
  • Click on the “upload video” button on this page.
  • Follow the prompts to acknowledge the disclaimer and confirm submission.

Policy: A video can only be submitted by the owner or authorized content distributor of the video.

Submission Form

All video submissions must include the following information. The fields marked in bold will be made visible to the public. All other fields will be protected as private information.

Galaxy Tours reserves the right to review all video submissions prior to granting approval to post the content on any Galaxy Tours platform. Submissions that do not meet eligibility requirements and/or are deemed inappropriate or offensive will not be accepted. Galaxy Tours does not assume ownership or liability for any submitted video. The original content owner retains all rights and responsibilities for any submitted video. Galaxy Tours assumes permission to use, disseminate, and/or promote without restrictions all video submissions.