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Tunisia, the gem of Star Wars tourism destinations, is distinguished as the country with the second most number of unique Star Wars film sites (12 total). Four Skywalker saga live-action films contain principal photography footage shot in Tunisia: A New Hope (1977), The Phantom Menace (1997), Attack of the Clones (2000), and Revenge of the Sith (2003). The Mandalorian live-action series incorporates third-party footage filmed in Tunisia for Chapter 5: “The Gunslinger” (2019). Tunisian architecture, landscape, and names/references are ubiquitous in Star Wars canon. Fictional Tatooine in many respects is a direct reflection of Tunisia. No other real-world destination offers the same level of organic immersion into the Star Wars universe.

Representing locations in 1930s Egypt and Greece, Lucasfilm shot extensive footage in central and southern Tunisia (5 film sites) to make Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981). Beyond studio content, Tunisia accounts for more collective screen time than any other country in the first Indiana Jones cinematic installment, leaving an indelible impact on the franchise.

We are the only travel company to specialize in Star Wars tourism in Tunisia. We maintain this refined focus—paired with expertise in Indiana Jones tourism in Tunisia—to be the best at what we do. Our professionalism and expertise are authenticated by our status as the only travel company approved by Lucasfilm to exhibit at Star Wars Celebration. Exact set, scene, and sequence locations at Lucasfilm film sites in Tunisia matched with production details, original discoveries (to include recce site research/identification), unique immersive activities, unrivaled behind-the-scenes insight, and in-depth historical context embody the Galaxy Tours difference.

Yes. Star Wars and Indiana Jones locations in Tunisia are innately visit-worthy due to their inherent value as essential Tunisian cultural/heritage landmarks.

Yes: everyone. Catered to tourists, business travelers, expats, and residents alike, our day trips in Tunisia are the perfect complement to cultural get-aways in Tunis; beach holidays in Bizerte, Hammamet, Sousse, or Monastir; island stays on Djerba; or desert escapes in Tozeur.

Four. We offer unique day trips spanning the Tunisian regions associated with Lucasfilm production, including one ATV adventure option in Tozeur.

Price includes a private half-day or full-day trip in Tunisia (length depends on the selected package), specialized guide, exclusive Galaxy Tours itinerary, and proprietary cinematic reference material. Depending on the selected package, the price might also include ground transportation and professional driver(s) with coordinated pick-up/drop-off, adventure elements (ATV activity, foothills hiking, and/or canyon hiking), special events, light refreshments, and/or complimentary bottled water.

Price does not include arrangements/expenses required to travel to tour start points and/or beyond tour end points, non-itinerary travel/activities, food/lunch expenses, international/domestic airfare, lodging, medical expenses, additional product taxes (if applicable), personal travel insurance, passport fees, visa fees (if required), alcoholic beverages, personal activities, personal spending, tips (optional), or any other expenses.

Yes. All but one Outer Rim Experience incorporates a lunch break at a quality restaurant as part of the itinerary. Travelers are responsible to pay for their own lunch expenses.

Specialized Tunisian guides personally recruited/trained by Galaxy Tours CEO (Davin Anderson) lead our Outer Rim Experience day trips. All guides are certified to conduct tours in Tunisia. Each guide is professional, caring, charismatic, and expert in what we do.

All tours are conducted in English as the standard. French and Arabic options are available per request for certain day trips (subject to availability). Please contact us for more information. Cinematic reference material provided in English.

We spent over four years conducting meticulous research and field work to establish our website as the authoritative, one-stop resource on all Star Wars locations in Tunisia. Each location has its own dedicated page on our website under the Film Sites or Scouted Sites menu tabs.

Yes. Our Kairouan package explores the ancient Kairouan medina featured extensively in Raiders of the Lost Ark as Indy’s Cairo with 17 total filming areas (streets, plazas, and properties) in the old city. This one-of-a-kind Indiana Jones immersive experience includes the iconic Cairo swordsman plaza, Marhala Bar location, and an exclusive sunset event on the rooftop used as Sallah’s terrace (optional add-on).

Yes. Our Matmata package includes an unforgettable blue milk break in the subterranean Lars Homestead dining room set at Hotel Sidi Idriss. Sipping blue milk in the exact spot where Luke did the same is as immersive as it gets.

Our Tozeur ATV package is conducted entirely on ATV “podracers” as the mode of transportation to all Star Wars locations in the desert dunes and salt flat areas near Nefta in the Tozeur region. As a bonus, this one-of-a-kind ATV adventure allows travelers to race in the dune impression used to shoot “Boonta Eve Classic” starting grid footage for The Phantom Menace.

Yes. Absolutely. The more cosplay, the better.

Yes. Our day trips can function as unique corporate/government team-building opportunities. Please contact us for additional information and special group rates.

Our Djerba, Matmata, and Tataouine packages start and end on Djerba island. Our Tozeur and Tozeur ATV packages start and end in Tozeur or Nefta. Our Kairouan package starts and ends in the Kairouan medina. Some exceptions can be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to explore possible alternative options.

We partner with top-notch Tunisian transportation vendors for travel to/from itinerary locations during specified Outer Rim Experiences. Travelers ride in comfortable, air-conditioned five-passenger SUV or 10-passenger microbus vehicles with professional driver(s). Vehicle type depends on the size of the group. Our Kairouan and Tozeur ATV packages do not include nor require transportation vendor services.

Yes. Travelers may opt to use an insured rental or personal vehicle for our Djerba, Matmata, Tataouine, or Tozeur packages. This scenario reduces the overall cost of the day trip. In such cases, our guide will ride in your vehicle to lead the tour experience. Please contact us for booking details.

Yes. All age groups are welcome with some restrictions. Travelers under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Some hiking activities might be too strenuous for young children, to include exploration in Maguer Gorge (Tozeur package). Specific to the Tozeur ATV package: valid driver’s license required to operate ATVs and riders must be at least 8 years old to participate.

Yes, with exceptions. Although most day-trip destinations permit direct vehicle drop-off on flat terrain, some locations require movement on uneven/rocky/sandy surfaces. Not suitable for wheelchairs or scooters. Please contact us for case-by-case considerations.

There is never a bad time of year for our day trips. That said, the heat index in southern/central Tunisia during June, July, and August can rise well above 40°C/105°F. We adjust our day-trip schedules during these summer months to incorporate earlier start times to avoid high afternoon heat. Late fall, winter, and early spring provide the most pleasant outdoor temperatures for our day trips.

Seasonal, climate-appropriate clothing should be worn on our day trips. During warmer months, it is best to wear a breathable long-sleeved shirt, pants, head and neck covering, plus sunscreen. During colder months, we recommend a combination of interchangeable shirt/sweater/jacket layers and pants.

No. Tunisians practice a very tolerant version of Islam. Although the traditional dress for females includes a headscarf, Tunisian society accepts all forms of fashion. Modern dress standards are embraced as a common part of daily life.

Yes. We are a registered tour operator in Tunisia approved by the Tunisian National Tourism Office (ONTT) to conduct tours.

Yes. We offer a 10% small-group discount for bookings with at least four adults. The savings extend to a 20% large-group discount for bookings with ten or more adults. In addition, we offer a 12.5% family discount for children under age 12 traveling with at least one adult. Discounts for our Tozeur ATV package are structured differently. Instead of group and children discounts, we give 50% off the standard price for ATV passengers (non-drivers). All discounts are automatically calculated at check-out.

Online check-out offers travelers the option to either pay in full or submit a 35% deposit to secure a booking. If the down payment option is selected, the full balance is due no later than 3 days prior to the day trip start date, payable via secure email link.

No. We accept parties of all sizes, to include solo travelers. Our business model obligates a single supplement charge for one-person bookings.

Online bookings must be made at least 3 days in advance of the day trip start date. Please contact us directly to confirm options for last-minute bookings less than 3 days in advance.

Foreign nationals from roughly 100 countries can enter Tunisia for a limited duration without obtaining a visa. The visa-exempt status depends on the nationality of the visitor and differs between 30 to 120 days.

The following vaccinations are recommended (not required): chickenpox (varicella), COVID-19, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza, measles, meningitis, mumps and rubella (MMR), pneumonia, polio, rabies, shingles, Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), and typhoid. Yellow fever vaccination certificate not required. Contracting malaria in Tunisia is low risk.

Yes. Following standard practice within the tourism industry, all travelers are required to sign a separate Outer Rim Experience agreement/liability waiver to participate in any booked day trip. The Tozeur ATV package requires its own ATV-specific waiver.

Inclement weather, strikes, civil disturbances, or other unforeseeable circumstances might restrict access to certain itinerary locations, partially hinder specific day-trip activities, and/or cause delays. We reserve the right to make any itinerary adjustments to ensure the comfort and safety of all travelers. No discounts or refunds will be offered in such cases.

Yes. Traveling to all Star Wars and Indiana Jones locations in Tunisia is unquestionably safe. All areas visited on our tours fall well beyond official travel advisory specifications. Petty crime targeting tourists is rare. The Tunisian proclivity to embrace, accept, and protect international visitors is both genuine and ingratiating. International media outlets—especially since the cluster of mass-casualty attacks in Tunis and near Sousse in 2015—routinely paint Tunisia as a hotbed for radical Islamic extremism. This perception is fundamentally false. The overwhelming majority of Tunisians interpret terrorism to be in direct conflict with Tunisian ideals and values. Pivotal security developments since 2016 to thwart Islamist activity in Tunisia continue to drastically minimize the probability of future large-scale terrorist attacks inside the country. The current security challenge posed by organized Islamist groups based in Tunisia mirrors a low-impact insurgency combating Tunisian security forces rather than a protracted terrorist campaign. These militant groups, relatively small in number with no capacity to seize control of any populated territory, operate autonomously in northwestern Tunisia, primarily in isolated mountainous areas in the Kasserine and Kef governorates. In regard to ISIS-inspired/politically motivated “lone wolves,” the probability of a single-actor attack in Tunisia is no greater than the rate of such attacks in regionally adjacent European countries.

All amounts paid will be refunded for cancellations made at least 7 days prior to tour start date. 50% of amounts paid will be refunded for cancellations made between 3 to 7 days prior to tour start date. No refunds will be offered after 3 days prior to tour start date. In the unlikely event of cancellation due to extreme weather, natural disaster, pandemic-related circumstances, or other emergency conditions in Tunisia, refunds on all amounts paid will be offered.

Ensuring that local Tunisian communities benefit from Star Wars and Indiana Jones tourism is foundational to our company. Our marketing efforts enhance Tunisia’s profile as the optimal off-the-beaten-path tourist destination. We bring clients to local hotels, restaurants, and transportation services. We train, develop, and generate work for local Tunisian guides. Partnering directly with local entities, we provide financial support, targeted research, and collaborative outreach to assist in the restoration/preservation of Star Wars sites in Tunisia as historical landmarks of worldwide cultural value.