Tunisia is distinguished as the country with the second most number of unique Star Wars film sites. Spread across more than some 500 kilometers of diverse geography and climate in southern Tunisia, the film sites (12 total) range from remote Saharan landscape locations to historic heritage structures in coastal and hilltop settings.


Fictional Tatooine scenes collectively shot at the film sites by Lucasfilm in March/April 1976, July/August 1997, and September 2000 appear in four Skywalker saga live-action movies: A New Hope (7 sites), The Phantom Menace (6 sites), Attack of the Clones (3 sites), and Revenge of the Sith (1 site). Disney purchased in 2019 third-party footage from Tunisia (1 site) for The Mandalorian (Chapter 5: “The Gunslinger”) live-action series.


Tunisian architecture, landscape, and names/references are ubiquitous in Star Wars canon. Fictional Tatooine in many respects is a direct reflection of Tunisia. No other real-world destination offers the same level of organic immersion into the Star Wars universe.