As the leader in Tunisia-specific Lucasfilm research and discovery, Galaxy Tours specializes in Star Wars and Indiana Jones tourism in Tunisia. We offer two categories of tours: multi-day excursions (Twin Suns Expeditions) and day trips (Outer Rim Experiences). Catered to cinema fans and cultural heritage enthusiasts alike, our exclusive itineraries for each Star Wars tour and Indiana Jones destination are meticulously comprehensive, uniquely immersive, and packed with adventure.

Exact set, scene, and sequence locations at Star Wars and Indiana Jones film sites in Tunisia matched with franchise production details, original discoveries, unrivaled behind-the-scenes insight, and in-depth historical context embody the Galaxy Tours difference. Our trailblazing pursuit to uncover Lucasfilm location scout activity distinguishes our tours as the first to incorporate verified Star Wars recce sites in Tunisia. All itinerary destinations are linked to Star Wars or Indiana Jones franchise activity.

Derived from extensive primary source research, networking, and field work tethered to the multi-year effort to author galaxytours.com, our interactive Star Wars tours and Indiana Jones packages are the authoritative platform for first-hand exploration of all fictional Tatooine locations coupled with Raiders of the Lost Ark action in southern and central Tunisia.


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