6-Day | Twin Suns Expedition | Special Group Tour with Davin

$3,295.00 (per adult)

Summary: All-inclusive 6-day/6-night Star Wars & Indiana Jones group tour in Tunisia. Special group option led by Galaxy Tours CEO (Davin Anderson) with elevated personal expertise derived from groundbreaking field work at all Lucasfilm locations in Tunisia, extensive research to author galaxytours.com, and popular lectures presented at Star Wars Celebration. Original, one-of-a-kind, premium holiday package to all Star Wars film sites (12 total), all identified Star Wars scouted locations (10 total), and all primary Indiana Jones film sites (3 total) in the country. Includes stops at a full collection of Tatooine-style Djerban architectural landmarks (6 total) as well as the essential hotels in the Tozeur region historically associated with Lucasfilm cast/crew activity (3 total). Unrivaled behind-the-scenes insights paired with in-depth historical/cultural context. Comprehensive Galaxy Tours digital reference guides. Exact set, scene, and sequence locations. Exclusive Galaxy Tours expertise. 5-star/4-star luxury accommodations and top-quality dining. Fan-centric cinematic immersion. Adventure of a lifetime.


Highlights: Overnight experience with blue milk at Luke’s home. Iconic binary sunset ambience at the Lars Homestead set. Secluded sunrise at the remote Mos Espa marketplace set with Watto’s junk shop. Lightsaber duel in the Mos Espa desert outskirts. Podrace arena starting grid dune derby on ATVs. Podrace Tusken Raider sniper positions. Darth Maul’s probe droid vantage point over Tatooine. Jundland Wastes canyon exploration. Mos Eisley overlook summit hike. Lost ark procession RPG encounter. Ksar rooftop views over Anakin’s hovel. Ksar architecture in the Mos Espa slave quarters backyards. Mos Eisley Cantina neighborhood. Jedi mind trick stormtrooper checkpoint. Old Ben’s hut in the Jundland Wastes. Tosche Station hangout in Anchorhead. Map Room & Well of the Souls discovery at Tanis digs. Indy vs. swordsman Cairo souk face-off. Sunset refreshments on Sallah’s rooftop terrace. Meet-and-greet session with Tunisian stormtrooper extra TK-1.


Star Wars film sites: All locations in Tunisia


Star Wars scouted sites: Abu Miswar Mosque — Bouregba Mosque — Chebika — Hanout el-Aouina — Kala’a Chenini — Kala’a Guermessa — Ksar Ouled Abdallah — Ksar Ouled Debbab — Ksar Ouled Soltane — Midès


Indiana Jones film sites: Bouhlel Sdada — Kairouan — Maguer Gorge


Fixed dates: Davin’s next tour is scheduled for 16-21 April 2024. This will be Davin’s only tour until 2026. Book instantly online.


Group size: This special group tour can accommodate up to 25 travelers. Booking parties will travel together in top-quality microbus vehicles or a full-sized touring bus.


Start/end: Tour starts in Tunis or Djerba, ends in Tunis. Pre-tour/post-tour international or domestic travel not included. Airport pick-up/drop-off in Tunisia available per request.


Languages: Tour offered in English, to include Galaxy Tours digital reference material.


Anantara add-on: We offer a special Tusken tent feast add-on as Anantara Tozeur Resort’s Berber Nights event (available from 1 October to 15 May), a unique outdoor dining experience under the Saharan stars complete with “Jedi” barnous robes.


Discounts: 10% off for bookings with at least 5 adults. 15% off for groups of 10 or more adults. Family discounts with at least one adult: 25% off for youth (ages 12-17), 45% off for children (ages 5-11), 75% off for toddlers (ages 2-4), and no charge for infants (ages 0-1). Discounts automatically calculated at check-out.


Check-out: Select the tour start date in the calendar to book the entire 6-Day group tour package with Davin. Check-out page by default only displays the tour start date (“booking date”).


Waiver: All participants are required to sign the Twin Suns Expedition agreement/liability waiver. Adults may opt to list participating minors on their waiver.