ATV Podrace & Landspeeders

$224.95 (per ATV driver)

Summary: Star Wars private tour on ATVs in southwestern Tunisia led by a specialized Tunisian guide trained by Galaxy Tours CEO (Davin Anderson). Original, one-of-a-kind ATV excursion to all Star Wars film sites (5 total) dispersed among remote dunes, mesas, and salt flats near Nefta in the Tozeur region as featured in A New Hope, The Phantom Menace, and Attack of the Clones. Unrivaled behind-the-scenes insights paired with in-depth historical/cultural context. Comprehensive Galaxy Tours digital reference guides. Exact set, scene, and sequence locations. Exclusive Galaxy Tours expertise. Fan-centric cinematic immersion packed into an unforgettable day-trip adventure.


Highlights: Podrace arena starting grid ATV derby. Watto’s junk shop in the Mos Espa marketplace. Darth Maul’s probe droid vantage point over Tatooine. Lightsaber duel in the Mos Espa desert outskirts. Stormtrooper Dune Sea search for droids. ATV landspeeder action over salt flats to the Lars Homestead.


Film sites: Chott el-Djerid — Eriguet dunes (Mos Espa set area) — Eriguet dunes (yardang field) — Gour Beni Mzab — Ong Jemel outcrop [view map]


Flexible dates: Day trip available year-round. Book online instantly.


Meeting point: Tour starts and ends at our partner ATV company location in Tozeur.


Time: 07:00


Duration: 6 hours


Reference guides: Tour includes password-protected access to Galaxy Tours “secret sauce” digital reference guides—one for each itinerary location—made available offline via the Galaxy Tours app.


Languages: Tour offered in English, French, or Arabic. Galaxy Tours digital reference material available only in English.


ATVs: Valid driver’s license required to operate ATVs. Each ATV can accommodate two people total: driver plus one passenger. Riders must be at least 8 years old to participate. ATVs used as the mode of transportation for the entire tour.


Route: ATV tour traverses sand dunes, salt flats, side streets, and main roads, to include stretches along the P3 highway. Helmet with face shield provided for each participant. All safety procedures and driving precautions followed. ATVs and mopeds are common modes of transportation in the Tozeur region on all roads.


Discounts: 65% discount for ATV passengers (non-drivers) riding with a co-traveler driver. Discounts automatically calculated at check-out.


Solo travel: Supplement charge automatically added to single-traveler bookings.


Waiver: All participants are required to sign the Outer Rim Experience agreement/liability waiver. Adults may opt to list participating minors on their waiver.