Indy’s Cairo

$76.65 (per adult)

Summary: Indiana Jones private tour in historic Kairouan located in central Tunisia. Led by a specialized Tunisian guide trained by Galaxy Tours CEO (Davin Anderson). Original, one-of-a-kind walking tour to all Raiders of the Lost Ark filming areas (18 total) inside the compact maze of the UNESCO-designated Kairouan medina (old city). Unrivaled behind-the-scenes insights paired with in-depth historical/cultural context. Comprehensive Galaxy Tours digital reference guides. Exact set, scene, and sequence locations. Exclusive Galaxy Tours expertise. Fan-centric cinematic immersion packed into an unforgettable day-trip adventure.


Highlights: Indiana Jones 1930s Cairo exploration. Souk marketplace entrance gate. German hitmen balcony overlook. Whip action and hay truck skirmish. Basket chase streets and alleys. Indy vs. swordsman face-off. Truck explosion sequence. Marhala Bar setting. Indy’s Cairo souk shopping. Home-made pastries on Sallah’s rooftop terrace (add-on purchase).


Film site: Kairouan [view map]


Flexible dates: Day trip available year-round. Book online instantly.


Meeting point: Tour starts and ends at Bab Tunis (Kairouan medina).


Time: 13:00


Duration: 3.5 to 4.5 hours


Lunch: Tunisian fast food in the medina, with sandwich variety served only in Kairouan.


Reference guide: Tour includes password-protected access to the Galaxy Tours “secret sauce” digital reference guide for Kairouan—with documentation and visuals for each filming area in the medina—made available offline via the Galaxy Tours app.


Languages: Tour offered in English or Arabic. Galaxy Tours digital reference material available only in English.


Activity add-on: Upgrade this experience with exclusive access to the multi-story private residence rooftop used as Sallah’s terrace for panoramic sunset views over the medina with traditional home-made refreshments. Strongly recommended. Paid add-on funds go directly to the local owners of the residence. Extends tour to 4.5 hours.


Transport add-on: Round-trip professional ground transportation option available from Tunis, Hammamet, Sousse, or Monastir. Hotel name/residence address required to book add-on. Contact us to discuss transport options from a different Tunisian city. Funds paid for add-on go directly to the local transportation provider.


Group requirement: Minimum 3 adult travelers required for online bookings. Groups smaller in size or otherwise not matching this requirement will pay the price equivalent to 3 adult travelers.


Discounts: 10% off for bookings with at least 5 adults. 15% off for groups of 10 or more adults. 25% off for youth (ages 12-17) and 45% off for children (ages 4-11). Discounts automatically calculated at check-out.


Waiver: All participants are required to sign the Outer Rim Experience agreement/liability waiver. Adults may opt to list participating minors on their waiver.