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Amghar Mosque


Site: Amghar Mosque

GPS: 33.740849, 10.734973

Location: Ajim outskirts (Médenine Governorate) / Djerba island (Tunisia)

Description: Ibadi mosque (10th century CE) / decommissioned religious site

Star Wars film: Episode IV

Set construction: n/a

Production: 4 April 1976

Star Wars location | Film set: Jundland Wastes | Obi-Wan Kenobi’s house (exterior)

Leads on set: n/a

Transition to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s house {plate} — Filmed: 4 April 1976
Final cut: 1
Deleted: 0

Fact: Only Star Wars film site in Tunisia filmed strictly as a plate (no actors).

Unscheduled: Last-minute 2nd unit location shoot (absent from call sheet records) filmed on the last day of 1st unit Episode IV principal photography in Tunisia at nearby Sidi Jemour Mosque.

Replaced: Film site plate footage only visible in original Episode IV version (pre-1997 Special Edition).

Accessibility: Very easy; flat terrain; paved roads; parking area (33.740961, 10.735124) directly at the site.