Visual documentation of the entire Episode IV “studio recce wall” is not available. Only two behind-the-scenes photographs of the makeshift wall are known to exist in the public domain. The first (and most comprehensive) photograph reveals that the first column (upper and lower panels) on the left end of the wall was filled with topography shots of the Maguer Gorge/Jebel Sidi Bouhlel area. The same photograph shows a small portion of the second column from the left with pinned images of buildings, streets, and courtyards on Djerba island, to include Abu Miswar Mosque. The second photograph displays a grouping of Sidi Jemour Mosque recce photos, to include three flipped images of the site. The discovery and analysis of additional recce photographs is critical to identify the full set of sites visited during the Episode IV pre-production recce to Tunisia in mid-November 1975.