M\u00e9denine and Tataouine governorates in southeastern Tunisia are populated with over 100 ksour <\/em>(singular: ksar<\/em>; alternately: qasr<\/em>, gasr<\/em>; Arabic: \u201ccastle\u201d or \u201cpalace\u201d), centuries-old Amazigh (Berber) fortified granaries consisting of a series of ghorfas <\/em>(elongated, vaulted storage chambers made of stone, soil-based mortar, and a protective plaster coating) stacked multiple stories high surrounding a central courtyard of various shapes and sizes. Although typically associated with ksour<\/em>, ghorfas <\/em>are present elsewhere, particularly on Djerba island, functioning as standalone agricultural storage chambers. The vast majority of ksour <\/em>in Tunisia are no longer used for storage. Many are in ruins. A few have been repurposed as hotels or tourist attractions. <\/p>\n"}