8-Day Twin Suns Expedition

$3,995 (per person)

Summary: All-inclusive 8-day Star Wars group tour in Tunisia led by Galaxy Tours CEO (Davin Anderson). Original, one-of-a-kind, premium holiday package to all Star Wars film sites (12 total) and Star Wars scouted locations (10 total) in the country with the added bonus of select Indiana Jones film sites (3 total). Includes stops at the best Tatooine-style Djerban architectural landmarks (8 total) as well as all hotels in Tozeur, Nefta, and Djerba historically associated with Lucasfilm cast/crew activity (13 total). Unrivaled behind-the-scenes insights paired with in-depth historical/cultural context. Exact set, scene, and sequence locations. Comprehensive on-site reference material. Exclusive Galaxy Tours expertise. 5-star/4-star luxury accommodations and top-quality dining. Fan-centric cinematic immersion. Adventure of a lifetime.


Scheduled tour dates:
17-24 October 2023
16-23 April 2024
22-29 October 2024


Start/end: Tour starts and ends in Tunis with direct airport pick-up/drop-off.


Languages: Tour offered in English. French and Arabic optional (per request).


Note: Two-traveler minimum required for bookings. International travel to/from Tunisia not included. Select the tour start date in the calendar to book the package.


Highlights: Overnight experience with blue milk at “Luke’s home” in Matmata. ATV “podracing” to the desert landscape Mos Espa set. Iconic “binary” sunset at the Lars Homestead salt flats set. Ksar courtyard rooftop views of “Anakin’s hovel” in Médenine. “Cantina” neighborhood exploration in Ajim. Coastal sunset vibe at “Tosche Station” near Groa. “Mos Eisley overlook” summit hike and “Hello there!” reenactment at Star Wars Canyon in Tozeur. “Tusken” tent dinner event under the Saharan stars. Meet-and-greet session with Tunisian stormtrooper extra TK-1. “Well of the Souls” discovery in Bouhlel Sdada. Sunset refreshments on “Sallah’s rooftop” in Kairouan.