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Site: Ancient Chebika

GPS: 34.321577, 7.938975

Location: Tozeur Governorate, southwest Tunisia

Description: Ruins (Roman era)

Star Wars recce:
Episode IV Tunisia (November 1975)

Source: Original recce sketch (Barry)

Star Wars scouted set concept:
Mos Eisley spaceport | various elements

Star Wars connection confirmation:
Galaxy Tours (8 July 2021)

Key factors: Although scouted as a potential alternative to Ajim, Chebika was likely never considered a true viable option to represent Mos Eisley for several key reasons: (1) Chebika’s remote mountainous setting seemingly presented steep logistical challenges, (2) budget constraints rendered the task of dressing an entire ruins area with set decor as highly unrealistic, and (3) Ajim proved to be more practical, economical, and accessible for production.

Screenplay setting: The rugged mountainous landscape surrounding Chebika (unlike Ajim) matched the screenplay concept for a “bluff overlooking Mos Eisley spaceport,” initially introduced in the third draft (1 August 1975).